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3 tips for creating a great freebie to grow your email list. 

1 – What problem are you going to solve? 
Don’t make this too broad. The best freebies focus on one problem or one aspect of a problem to solve. You don’t want to make it a huge task as you want to make sure your ideal client can consume the freebie and get results pretty quickly. 

2 – What format is it in? 
Does your ideal client prefer pdfs, video, audio or some combination of everything? You want to offer your freebie in the format they like the most as this increases their chances of signing up for it. If you don’t know what they like, then ask them. Put a poll or ask the question in a few places where your ideal client hangs out online. 

3 - Is it easy to get? 

Do you have a way for them to quickly and easily sign up for it? 

Will it be emailed to them straight away? 

Is it easy to access? (As in will they click on a link to download it or be taken to a page to view a video etc?) 

A great freebie is something that actually helps your ideal client with their problem. It doesn't hint at the solution, it gives part of it away (yes, for free) so that your potential client can use it and actually get some results from it. When they use it and love it, by the time they've received a few more value filled emails from you and that email with the offer to buy something from you comes, they're going to be way more likely to actually buy it! 


Because you have already helped them!  

They know what you're about from the freebie, they like what you do (from the freebie) and they trust that you can get them results because you already have! 

Are there going to be people who download the freebie, get results from it and then don't wnat to pay to work with you? Yes, of course. But they're not your ideal client anyway. 

Don't worry about giving too much away for free. People pay you to have access to you anyway. They don't pay for the stuff they could eventually find for themselves on the internet. They pay for your time, your guidance, your support, accountability and feedback. 

Is your freebie designed to give your clients a taste of working with you, is it actually useful and is it easy to access?