It doesn’t have to take forever to create new packages.  

Everyone you see seems to come up with something new every week and people buy whatever it is then you see them talking about their $5k month (or week) and you’re over here like $500 would be nice...

But it doesn’t have to be like that.  

Creating something new is easy: 

1 – Find out what your ideal client wants right now, 
2 – Decide how you could solve that problem, 
3 – Package it up in their preferred format (e.g. video, workbook) 
4 – Post about it online and reach out to people you feel would be a good fit. 

You don’t have to create whatever it is straight away. Pitch the idea, the outline and the price and if you have people sign up, THEN create it. Don’t waste time making something no-one will buy. 

This doesn’t work with things like membership sites where you really need the content ready as soon as people buy, unless you take pre-orders for something. 

If you want to learn more about creating offers your ideal client wants and how to launch and start making sales (and money) quickly, 0n Friday 28th October at 3pm BST/10am EST, I am hosting a LIVE workshop where you will learn –฀ 

How to find out what your ideal client wants ฀ 
How to generate buzz before you launch ฀ 
How to SELL your offers on social media (it's easy when you know what you're doing!) 

And the best part is you can create, launch and start to make money in less than a week! 

After this workshop, this is what you can expect to happen –

✔You’ll know how to find out exactly what your ideal client wants
✔ How to create the exact package people want to buy
✔ How to structure your posts so you’re asking the right questions
✔ How to warm up your audience before you launch
✔ What kind of bonus to offer to get people buying NOW
✔ How to reverse engineer your package to reach your sales goals 

This workshop is only for you if you’re struggling to create and sell packages your ideal client wants and you're ready to stop feeling overwhelmed about launching new packages and want to make BANK in your online, service based business. The investment? ONLY $47  

I wanted to make this as easy as possible for anyone that is struggling with sales because I know all too well just how bad things can feel if you've no clients, no sales, no engagement, no money, and just how AMAZING your life is when getting clients is NO LONGER AN ISSUE for you. 

This 60 minute workshop will be held in a private facebook group and I'll be available for Q&A for 2 days afterwards. Plus the live video will stay in the group for the 2 days so no worries if you can't make it live on the day. 

Get your spot here: