Smash Your Goals

It sucks when the month ends and you’re no closer to achieving your goals. So you add the exact same goal to the next month instead and when the end of that month rolls around, you’ll be in the exact same place yet again. 

I’ve done that for most of my life. I was clearing out space to make myself an office a few months ago and I stumbled across a diary I had when I was 16. I’d set myself a goal and I’d written out all the reasons I wanted to achieve it. And looking at it a decade later? I could have written it 5 minutes before I read it. 

It’s a goal I’ve had for over a decade yet I still hadn’t achieved it? 


Because I’ve never had a plan, I’ve never taken inspired action to achieve it, I’ve always just really wanted it. 

And when you want something really badly (but do absolutely nothing about it) you always get what you want right? 

Yeah, exactly. 

But looking at that goal and realizing that I’m further away from that goal now than I was at 16, it was obvious something needed to change.

I haven’t achieved that goal yet and I won’t for a few months but I know I will in the end because I have a plan. I’m taking inspired action every day to get there and I’m tracking my progress. 

I’m using the same system I use in my business to achieve my goals. The system that allowed me to achieve: 

Making $1,500 in 3 weeks, 

Hiring a VA a month earlier than planned and being able to afford a VA for the last 5 months, 

Having a 56% average open rate on my emails, 

Having a 60% conversion rate on my discovery calls. 

I might not have had a 5 figure month yet but I know what I need to do to get there and I’m getting closer every day. 

I’ve put my exact system down on paper to help you achieve your goals for November and beyond and here’s a sneak peek. 

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