What's the worst thing that could happen if your business was successful?

For me I was always worried that I'd have to be a different person to be successful, that I'd have to change in some way and that my family wouldn't like me so much anymore or that the money would change me and I'd lose all my friends. Or maybe I'd never have any free time anymore, I'd be chained to my laptop forever for fear of the money stopping and we'd end up not being able to pay our bills and the house would be taken away from us and we'd be homeless!!!

Yeah, it got a bit crazy towards the end but it's amazing what your mind can come up with when it's trying to protect you. That's what the little voice in your head is for, it's to keep you in your comfort zone and to stop you from changing. Everything is ok as it is now in this bubble.

Only it's not. If your comfort zone was really that comfortable, you wouldn't want to change anything would you?

Being afraid of success is just as limiting as being afraid of failure. It's still an unknown and that can still be scary. But it's still holding you back and unless you take the time to address it, it'll stay there in the background, popping up every so often when you think things are going well.

So what's the worst that could happen when you become successful and how can you either make sure it doesn't happen, have a plan for if it does or how will you be ok with it?