When I get stuck in my business it's usually when I'm trying to force something. Whether it's coming up with a new package or even the name for a new free call, if the idea just won't come to me then the more I think about it, the further away it gets. It's like when you're trying to remember the answer to a question or someone's name, it's on the tip of your tongue but you just can't get to it.

So what do I do to take a step back and get some space in my head for the answer to find me?

I play candy crush or this farm game I have on my phone and get some water. Something to take my mind off what I͛m doing so that by the time I've run out of my 5 lives, I've not been thinking about the problem for long enough to come back to it a little bit more refreshed. Plus dehydration really slows your brain down so getting some water, not to mention getting up and moving around, really does make all the difference.

What do you do when the answer you're looking for just won't come to you