Do you ever wonder how much more you could get done if you weren't a perfectionist?

I recently made a pdf workbook and I sent it to my accountability partner to check it over. I told her it wasn't finished yet, that it didn't look right yet and that I needed to change the layout inside but that the content was done.

She opened it straight away while we were on Skype and she just looked at me. "What part of this isn't finished?" and I'm like uh all of it?

She went on to tell me that it looked great just as it was and that if she signed up for something and it came looking like that, she'd be pretty happy with it. So, instead of spending another couple of hours (or more) on making it look just right, I used it as it was.

And you know what?

It's my most popular opt in to date! So apparently no one else thinks its unfinished either!

So how much more could you get done if you weren't such a perfectionist?