What does your daily routine look like? 

If you're struggling to achieve your goals every month then take a look at what you're doing each day. If you goal is to grow your Facebook group, are you actively promoting it each day? 

If your goal is to book discovery calls are you actively promoting your packages and reaching out to potential clients each day? 

Whatever your goal is, make sure your break it down and include some kind of task or action each day to work towards that goal. Small, consistent action every day leads to big progress and achieved goals! 

So say you want to grow your email list by 100 people this month, that's 25 a week (give or take) for November. That's an average of 4 new people a day to your email list. 

So to achieve this goal by the end of the month you'll need to: 

-Create a freebie
-Create a sign up form and all the back end emails etc. 
-Write a post or two to promote the freebie
-Post about the freebie wherever you can 

You can do all of that in one day so then every day your daily task could be one of the following: 

-Post about the freebie on your facebook page
-Post about the freebie in your facebook group
-Write a blog post on the freebie and link to a rich pin on Pinterest
-Post about the freebie on Instagram and change the link in your bio -Post about the freebie in other Facebook groups
-Tell people about the freebie when you connect 1:1 with them (if it's something they're struggling with) and give them the link to sign up
-Talk about the freebie at the end of a livestream and put the link in the comments afterwards
-Change the header on your facebook page to be about your freebie and change the call to action button to take people to a sign up page 

If you did these 8 things in order, one a day every day, you're sure to grow your email list by the end of the month.