When I made my goal for November I knew what I wanted but I didn't know how I was going to achieve it. I know that there's something to be said for not focussing on the how and letting the opportunities present themselves but I struggled to see the big picture. 

I knew part of what I wanted to do but I couldn't come up with the other pieces to the puzzle, even at a high level. I spoke to my coach and broke my goal down but I told her I'd been stuck all month so far on the last piece of this puzzle. It was holding me back and I couldn't move passed it. 

I'd meditated on it, I'd written in my journal about it and I'd even thought about it in the shower (because surprisingly you can get awesome ideas in there!) I just didn't know what to do anymore when my coach told me the most obvious thing: 

The idea will come to you when you need it, stop focussing on what you don't have right now and focus on achieving the parts you do have. 

You know when you just smack your palm to your head because it's so obvious and makes so much sense, only you would never have thought of it? Yeah that was me!  

It made so much sense to focus on the parts I already had and let the idea come to me at a later date instead of focussing so much on the part I didn't have. One part of manifesting is focussing on what you want to manifest but I was so focused on NOT having the idea that I was essentially manifesting zero ideas!  

So if you're stuck on something, move on and come back to it. I find that most of the time I get the answers and the ideas I want when I'm focussing on something else entirely.