Tripling Your Email List With One Freebie - Cassandra Davis Coaching

I've almost tripled my email list with one freebie. 

I've promoted it twice and each time I've had over 40 people sign up for it.  

Now 40 people might seem like nothing to you but it took me 11 months to get to 11 people! 

I had some success with the couple of freebies I put out before my latest one and grew my list to about 40 people. Then I promoted this freebie and doubled my list in 4 days. 

I was amazed! 

I put together another freebie and promoted it, expecting great things, and I got about 5 people to sign up. Same with the freebie after that one. And the one after that.... 

So I figured what's the harm in promoting the one that did well again? 

I redid the post I put on social media to promote it and BAM another 40 people in 3 days. This time that's grown my list by a third but it's still awesome! 

So what's my point?  

If something worked really well in the past, there's no harm in refreshing it and using it again. If it doesn't work then you haven't really lost anything but if it does work again? Well isn't that awesome!