Passive income is awesome. There's no other word to describe it. 

It's using what you've already got, extending its lifespan, making more money from it and NOT creating any extra work for yourself. 

Setting up passive income streams for your business is really easy and doesn't require any real tech skills on your part. 

And the best part is, pretty much every kind of business can have a passive income stream. 

So if you spent say an hour setting up your passive product and then whenever you wanted a boost, you could post on social media, email your list, do a livestream (or whatever) and make money without having to do anything, wouldn't that be amazing? 

Did you know that if you made $19 every day, in a year that's $6,935? That's extra cash that you haven't traded your time for. 

Look, if you started your business to quit your 9-5 and you're worried that you'll never make enough money to leave because you don't have the time to really dedicate to growing your business, passive income is what you're looking for. 

It's a real game changer. 

If you made $100 every day, that's $36,500 a year. I don't know about you but an EXTRA $36,500 in my bank account every year would be pretty cool. 

But it's so hard to make $100 every day right? 

Not really. 

That's selling something at $50 to 2 people or something at $25 to 4 people or selling something that's $10 to 10 people. 

And the great thing with passive income is that you don't dedicate any real time to it. 

If you host a live webinar (even a free one) and it's jam packed with information that your ideal client will love and will solve a problem they've got, record it and once you've finished, you could sell it for $19 (or whatever). So you're not doing anything extra, it'll take you maybe an hour at most to set it all up and then you could: 

- Post on Facebook about it and get people to buy it, 
- Post on Instagram and get people to buy it, 
- Post on Pinterest, Twitter, talk about it in a livestream and share the link, 
- Have it on your thank you page when people sign up for a freebie,
 - Sell it in an automated email funnel 

There are so many options available to you once it's set up. 

Plus, you can go on holiday, take time off, spend the day at the beach, go shopping, have your hair done and still make money! 

On Monday 19th December at 3pm GMT/10am EST I'm hosting a live call to show you: 

- Exactly how you can use what you've already got and turn it into passive income, 

- The tech side of setting up passive income streams, 

- How to actively & passively promote your passive income streams to generate cash on demand, 

- How to create passive income products automatically in your business going forward.  

- How to have it all ready before Christmas 2016! 

This 90 minute call will include Q&A time so you can get the answers you need to hit the ground running with creating your passive income and changing your business for the better. And yes, there will be a replay if you can't make it live. 

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