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You're a hot mess. You know you are but you don't know what to do about it. 

You see all these other successful women doing their thing and running their business so effortlessly. Why isn't it that easy for you?! 

It could be though, it could be effortless and easy every day. The key is deciding what's really important. Like today, I am a hot mess today and I'm not afraid to admit it! 

I'm getting a new dishwasher (I know, so luxurious!) But I've had a new floor put in my kitchen and it's too thick for my dishwasher to come back out of its recess, so part of the new floor had to be ripped up. Thankfully I have spare tiles so my dad is going to fix it. And the new dishwasher was supposed to be dropped off and the old one picked up at 11:15am. 5 hours later (and counting) it͛s still not here.  

And to top it all off?  

My daughter came down with something and I had to pick her up a few hours early from preschool.  

And then I had a guest expert live masterclass to give in another fb group that could not be put off or put back. 

So what did I do? 

I explained it all at the beginning of the livestream and off I went! I put pocahontas on for my daughter and made her some milk and she snuggled with her teddy in front of the TV. . 

For all of about 5 minutes. 

But so what if she's in my livestream? So what if you can hear me asking her to play in another room for the minutes?  

I work from home and run my business from home so that I can be with my daughter when she's ill, so I don't have to take time off and beg my boss to understand as I leave the office early. If anything having my ideal client see that actually you can still run your business on the messiness of hot mess days, that helps them connect with you even more. That helps them see that what they want is possible because YOU are doing it! 

So don't stress about things not being perfect. Keep going, keep doing what you're doing and it'll all fall into place. 

The thing you're most afraid to show could be the exact thing your ideal client needs to see from you.