Biz Babes Making Bank - 5 Visibility Mistakes

We all know that in order to sell anything, we need an audience. In order to build up that audience, we need to be visible to our potential clients. 

Becoming visible and growing your audience is something that is so easy to do, and you can do it organically without having to spend any money on ads, but all too often I see people making the same mistakes that really impact their visibility. 

I've put together this list of the top 5 visibility mistakes and how you can avoid them and start growing your audience rapidly!

1 - you're ONLY selling

The only things you share are sales posts. Yes we all want to make sales but there's so much more to having people jump on your offers than posting them all the time. Sharing value in your posts is key to building your know, like and trust factor.

2 - you're not sharing your story

People buy from people but unless you show people who you are as a person, it's going to be harder to build up your reputation and have people actively following you. Your potential clients want to know why you're the person to help them so telling them how you got to where you are now is key to helping them identify with you.

3 - you're not engaging either other people

Commenting on other people's posts is key to building up your reputation. Everyone wants likes and comments on their posts, it's how we know people like what we're putting out, so interacting genuinely on posts that you find interesting and/or entertaining will also boost your engagement. When you engage with someone, they're more likely to engage with you back.

4 - you're not being consistent

You don't have to post 3 or 5 or even 10 times a day to boost your visibility, posting once a day will get the results you want. What's letting you down is posting a couple of times and then giving up on it because you're not seeing results. Consistently posting every day, however many times you want to, will get you the best results. 

5 - you're not making the most of every promotion option

This might seem like a contradiction to no.1 but what I mean by this is you're not advertising your group or your freebie everywhere you can WITHOUT posting about them. So this is things like having a thank you page after people sign up for your freebie directing them to your group or having a freebie sign up tab on your facebook page etc. Using these passive promotion options help you to grow your audience without any extra work for you (once they're set up) So then you'll have more time to post value instead of sales and you'll also get a better response to your sales posts once you've built up your audience.

If you're struggling to grow your audience and you're not sure how to build up your following without coming across as sleazy or sales, I've created a 7 day group programme that will show you how to:

• Promote your group effectively so you can EASILY hit your first or next 100 people in your group
• How to get engagement in your Facebook group and KEEP it engaged so that people love hanging out in your group and actually invite people over! 
• Promote your freebie in ways that are EASY (and even automated!) so you can grow your list as you grow your group with minimal effort
• How to sell your programs and book discovery calls by simply emailing your list and posting in your group

The 7 days, starting Monday 5th December, will cover:

Day 1 - Grow your Group live call:
- who your group is for,
- writing your group description so you only attract your ideal client,
- how to promote your group every day and not be spammy,
- How to run effective challenges and giving away freebies to boost your group 

Day 2 - Actively promoting your group & reaching out 1:1 to invite people

Day 3 - Getting and keeping your group engaged & passively promoting your group every day

Day 4 - Grow your List live call:
- creating an irresistible freebie,
- promoting your freebie in your group and other groups,
- the basics of an automated funnel after sign up to direct people to your group, sell passive income products and/or book discovery calls without any extra work from you.

Day 5 - Actively promoting your freebie, passively promoting your freebie & making full use of your thank you page.

Days 6 & 7 - continuing to implement days 1-5 and Q&A in the private FB group whenever you need to.

And the best bit? This is all less than $200.

It's actually less than $100.

In fact, it's only $47.

This is starting today and there are only a few spots left so sign up here asap to make sure you don't miss out