How do you come up with content all the time?

Here's two things that really serve me well when creating content:

1 - What does my ideal client want to see?
You have to write about things that your ideal client wants to know about. What are their pain points, what are their biggest problems, what solutions are they looking for? When you know all these things it'll be easy to create content that your ideal client will love.

2 - How can I re-purpose this content? 
Once you've got your topics you can post written posts on Facebook, find a quote or graphic to post on Instagram and pinterest that highlights what you're saying, talk about it on periscope or Facebook live and then flesh out a topic or two to post on your blog and send to your email list.
Don't forget that you can re-use content after a while. If you're in a group with thousands of people in it on Facebook then after a couple of days you can post about a similar topic again. Why? Because your post will have been buried by all the other posts and it's unlikely anyone will find it. So rather than making a new post, refresh the last one, add a new graphic or talk about the topic from a different angle and voila, a new post!

What's your favourite content creation tip? Post it in the comments below