How do you create an awesome freebie that will make your ideal client want to download it?

How To Create An Awesome Freebie

1 - What's your ideal client's biggest pain point or problem?
You know your ideal client inside and out so what are they struggling with right now? What is the one thing they really need/want help with?

2 - How can you solve it with your current offerings?
Do you have a package or program that solves their problem? You want your freebie to give potential clients an idea of what you do, how you work and what it's like to work with you. Your freebie is a way of pre-selling your offerings while filling your email list with your ideal clients.

3 - What can you give away for free?
What in your offering can you give away for free? If you're offering healthy recipes could you offer a free meal planner download or a shopping list template?

4 - How can you make it even more valuable?
You want your freebie to be of value to your ideal client (otherwise what's the point of making it?) so you want to find a way to make it even more valuable. If you're a copywriter and you're giving away a formula to create catchy headlines, could you include a bonus list of keywords for different industries or topics?

You want it to be something that your ideal client will refer back to and use over and over again so that every time they use it, they're reminded of you.
What one thing could you add to your next freebie to make it even more valuable mamas? If you're not sure, tag me in the comments, tell me what your freebie is and I'll do my best to give you something extra to add in.