Getting inspired to create your content can be tough. I struggled for a long time too even though I knew what my ideal client wanted. I͛d convinced myself that creating a lot of content was hard, that it would take forever and that every piece of content had to be some kind of mini blog post. 

Totally wrong! 

I would sit starting at the screen for hours and not know what to say but then one day as I was flicking through YouTube trying to inspire myself I saw this video from Gary Vaynerchuck and he said something that totally changed how I create my content.  

He said that instead of creating, you should document. So instead of trying to create content I wrote about what was happening in my life. What was going on in my business, how was it all related to my personal life, what my goals were, a funny conversation or a business conversation I'd had. 

Writing all that down was not only easier to actually do, but it was also what my ideal client wanted to see. They want to know what it's actually like to run an online service based business full time when you have a child under school age and a husband that doesn't really get what you do.  

So if you're struggling with what to write, write about something real, something that's happened to you or something that you've done lately.  

What do you do to get inspired?

Document Rather Than Create