Ready to show up and be seen?

Are you fed up of excitedly telling your partner about your business only to get a polite smile and a nod back?

You know they're not trying to be rude but you were excited about all the likes and comments your post got but they just don't get it.

You love them but it actually hurts a little bit when they're not excited for you. So you stop telling them about all the little things. You tell them when you sign a new client and you make a bit of money as they get that but everything else you just keep to yourself.

It's lonely though, right? Not having anyone to share it all with who actually gets it.

It was the same for me. I would tell my husband about something and he'd look at me and say "is that good" and it's like well I wouldn't be this excited about it if it was crap would I?

But once I'd started my Facebook group I realized that I wasn't the only one who felt alone when they started their business, who wanted a place they could share all their wins, ask for advice or feedback and get what they needed, without feeling like an idiot for not knowing how something was done.

If you're looking for that kind of support, without having to pay for it, join The Passive Income Society.

It's free to join and full of women who are growing their online service based businesses so they can escape their 9-5. As a member you'll get support, advice, guidance and accountability. Plus exclusive freebies that I only share with my group, check the files section after you've joined.

As a bonus everyone who joins the group between Monday 19th and Sunday 25th September will be entered to win a free 30 minute content creation session with me. Creating content is easy and in 30 minutes I'll help you come up with at least one week's worth of content and share with you how you can reuse and repurpose your content to create even more content for all your social media platforms.

I'd love to see you there: The Passive Income Society