Multitask much?

Never Enough Time To Run Your Business?

As women, and especially as mamas, we tend to spend our whole day multitasking. How else are you going to get everything done today if you don't wash the dishes while you're cooking dinner and making sure that everyone's gym kits are washed and ready to go?

But when it comes to your business, multitasking is definitely the enemy. When you multitask you're not actually giving each task your full attention. So when you're doing chores around the house it doesn't really matter if you miss that one sock before you close the washing machine door or forget a fork before you put the dishwasher on. 

When you're on a call with a client you need to give them your full attention and its the same when you're doing things like creating content. You need to take one task at a time for best results. Yes done is better than perfect but don't let that be a reason for your standards to slide.

We all have the same amount of hours a day but using them wisely is what gets the best results. It's that whole work smarter, not harder thing. So, here are three things that you can do to work smarter:

1 - Hire help. If you're anything like me then you'll want to hire a VA, a nanny, a cleaner, a chef and a gardener. I'm not quite there yet financially though! So while I do have a VA and my daughter goes to nursery two days a week now, before that I had to make a choice - clean the house or work on my business. If you've got older kids then you can rope them into being your cleaner in exchange for their allowance or extra cash. I have a 12 year old cousin so during the summer she comes to stay for a couple of weeks and we all head out to the garden - I work and my 3 year old plays with my cousin for a few hours. I'm there but I can concentrate on working.

2 - Plan in advance. When I started working from home my in laws used to drop in whenever they felt like, expecting me to let them see my daughter and while I don't mind them seeing her, I really hate the implication that I'm not doing anything. So we made them stick to a schedule and they have to ask in advance so I can plan what we're doing. It's the same thing they tell you when you become a mama for the first time "stick to a routine!" and it's true for kids and businesses.

3 - Decide the night before what the top 3 things you need to get done tomorrow are. Once you know what they are, get them done first. Then even if you did nothing else you wanted to do, you'll have achieved what you needed to. 

And as a bonus tip - it doesn't really matter if your house is tidy. As long as your kids are fed, clothed, clean and happy, you're doing alright. So you can stop worrying about that now.

What's your top tip for working smarter not harder?