October is almost here, when you're sitting there on New Year's Eve what do you want to have achieved?

What's your number one big goal for the rest of the year?

And how are you going to achieve that?

How are you going to turn that big goal from a dream to a reality? And what's going to happen if you don't make it?

What's going to happen if you're there on New Year's Eve wishing that you'd done more? Wishing that you'd only started on the first of October instead of giving up and waiting for the first of January.

If you wanted to lose weight and you decided on 1 lb. a week as your goal, by the end of December you could have lost 13 lbs. Or you could start on the 1st January and not fit into that awesome new dress you bought for New Year's Eve.

If you wanted to grow your Facebook Group by 1,000 people, that's 333 (ish) people a month. That's roughly 10 or 11 people a day. Once you have your numbers, it's then a matter of making a plan to achieve that goal. So how could you get 11 people in your group each day?

You could:

-Reach out and personally invite people to the group,

-Make a video and talk about how awesome the group is and invite everyone during the video,

-Add the link to every email you send with an invitation,

There are so many ways to achieve the same goal, you just need to find what works for you.

So what's your big goal and how can you achieve it?

If you're struggling to break your goal down and come up with your action plan, in my Facebook group The Passive Income Society. I've got a freebie just for you to help you smash your 90 day goals. No need to sign up for anything, it's in the files section for you to download.