It used to be hard running my business. It felt like every penny I earned was a huge struggle and that all the advice I got about how to make more sales etc felt like it just wouldn’t work for me!  

I’d tried it all but nothing was working. I was doing what everyone else was doing only I wasn’t getting anywhere near the same kind of results. I was getting stressed out and overwhelmed about everything.  

Why wasn’t I making more money? 
Why wasn’t I working with more clients? 
Why isn’t my Facebook group growing as fast as others? 
Why aren’t people signing up to my email list? 

It wasn’t until I invested in coaching that I realised two things were holding me back:

1) I wasn’t actually doing everything I was supposed to be. I was either doing it but being inconsistent or I wasn’t doing absolutely everything I was supposed to be. 

2) I would do something once and then when I didn’t get the result I wanted immediately, I’d feel like it hadn’t worked. 

Once I realised that my own impatience and lack of action were holding me back, it was a case of changing my mindset that really made the difference. Being persistent and consistent are two of the most important parts of a successful business, along with mindset that everything is either a lesson or a blessing and that even overnight successes had months  (if not years) of consistent action behind them! 

And since I’ve started putting in that consistent action, being patient and actually listening to what people suggested, I’ve consistently grown my Facebook group, my email list and made more money every month. 

Are you being consistent in your business or are you pretending you are?