One great thing about passive income is that once it's set up, you only really need to promote it. But if you struggle with your sales pitch, a great way to get around this is to have the pitch for your passive income item in an email series.  

So then you only promote something free that people sign up to your email list for, then they get added to an email series you've already set up. Over the course of the emails you'll provide value in each email which warms your leads up and by the end of the email series, they should be in a better position to buy something from you. 

A typical 5 day email series will look a bit like this: 

Day 1 - immediate delivery of freebie 

Day 2 - Value, another download link & join my fb group/like my page, etc. 

Day 3 - Value on the same/similar topic 

Day 4 - Value on the same/similar topic 

Day 5 - Little bit of value then pitch 

The freebie & value content in your emails should be relevant to what you're pitching so work backwards. What's going to lead people to want to buy what you have to sell at the end? That's the passive sale part. 

If you're struggling for ideas as to what to sell to create passive income streams in your business, I've put together a list of 30 passive income ideas you can use right now.

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