I just removed 67 people from my email list who haven't opened any of my emails for a while. It hurt!  

Until the end of the first week of January that was about ¼ of my list. That's a lot of people to me but I did just grow my list this past weekend by 98% (almost 200 people) with one freebie so I'm not feeling too bad. 

They weren't opening my emails and I pay by the amount of subscribers I have so it only makes sense to remove them from my list. No-one wants to pay for someone to not read their emails. So yes it does bring my subscriber count down again but it͛s about quality not quantity. 

I'd rather have 5 people on my list who buy everything I put out there than 500 who don't even open my emails, you know? 

So sometimes it's nice to have a spring clean of more than just your house. Plus they're not dragging my engagement numbers down now either!