Okay ladies, you told me that you want an engaged Facebook group. You know that creating an amazing space for your potential clients online will be a complete game changer for your business.

You're already in so many groups where the group creator makes pretty much all their sales in their own group and doesn't have to post here, there, and everywhere to make sales. Plus, having that tribe means you've got people to ask when you create your next offer and you know people will buy it because they've told you that it's what they want.

I don't need to sell you on the benefits of having your own amazing Facebook group, you know what a difference it would make. But what you don't know is how to actually do it.

I'm hosting a live call tomorrow, Thursday 26th January, at 3pm GMT/ 10am EST where I'll be showing you exactly how to:

- Set up a Facebook Group (the tech bit),
- Creating the perfect group description to attract your idea client and repel everyone else (because why would you want those people anyway?),
- How to get your group engaged from the get go,
- How to attract new members to your group and how to keep them in the group,
- How to promote your group free on social media,

And yes, the replay will be sent out if you can't make the time.

I am limiting this to 10 spots only.

You NEED this. Sign up here