What’s one really fast and authentic way to make sales?

By growing your email list.

Because if you don’t have an audience, then you’re not going to make sales. You’re not going to sell to an empty room.

So you do what you’ve been told, you craft the perfect freebie, an amazing post to go with it and you still get nothing back - it sucks.

I’ve been there too; it took me 11 freebies to get the first 11 people on my email list!

But I learnt that there wasn’t anything wrong with my freebie itself, I just needed to position it and promote it differently.

Once I’d done that my list grew by over 200 people in just over a week.

And now that I have a list full of my ideal clients?

Sales are so much easier.

I can send an email and make sales the same day.

I can send an email and more people will join my Facebook group.

I can send an email and take the person who opens it one step closer to becoming a paying client.

Because THAT is what an email list is all about. It’s a direct way to warm up those cold leads, a direct way to build relationships.

Not everyone sees all your social media posts, but so many people will open your emails. Not everyone wants to comment on your post and tell you about the problem they’re having right now, but so many people WILL reply to your email to tell you. And then suddenly you’re having a conversation with a potential client.

If you're struggling with creating a freebie that grows your email list, on Friday 13th October I'm hosting a new and intimate group call all about creating an awesome freebie to grow your email list.

I'll be covering:

📖 How to decide on the content for your freebie, so it leaves people wanting more instead of underwhelmed.

⏰ How to quickly create a freebie that solves a problem for your ideal client and doesn't take hours to make.

✔ The steps to take from idea to promotion, plus the basics of a funnel, so you can fill your calendar with calls or set up passive income too.

📲 How to promote your freebie without needing to spend money on advertising.

Spaces are limited to 10 spots (Only 7 left!) to make sure you have the opportunity to ask as many questions as you want and get the feedback you need.

The call will be held on Zoom and will have a private Facebook group where you'll be able to ask questions and get feedback for 7 days after the call.

Get your spot here now for $57! 

Once you sign up you'll be directed to join the private Facebook group for the call.