For so long in my business I was worried about doing the wrong thing, not the right thing. I was worried about whether I’d said the wrong thing in my sales copy or used the wrong words. I was worried that I was falling short of social media etiquette, that I was spending too much time on journaling, or not enough, or that I was focussing on the wrong things, (because you don’t need a website, but you need a website, otherwise how will people ever take you seriously?!)

I was once told that you can’t use exclamation marks in your copy, because it makes you seem unprofessional.

So that must mean I’m unprofessional then!

Because when I was stuck feeling like everything I did was wrong, like second guessing myself over every little action, I didn’t get any results.

I was trapped in this never ending circle of worry. I worried I wasn’t doing it right, and then I worried that I was worrying about nothing, and then I was worried about how much I was worrying about everything.

And that is a shitty place to be, never mind how it feels to constantly be on edge about my business.

I’m not surprised I wasn’t getting any results when I couldn’t let go. I was putting out all this negative energy and I know it was driving people away.

Would you want to work with someone who was practically a nervous wreck every time they got on the phone with you, because they were worried about the advice they were giving you?

Hell no!

But thankfully the mindset work I started doing started paying off and the worry eventually disappeared. Once the worry was gone I could finally step into my power and my self-confidence grew. I trusted myself again and I could finally see that all the awesome value I was putting out for free online was actually helping people!

It wasn’t in my head, it wasn’t just for show. I was actually making a difference.

So when was the last time you decided that it’s time to stop worrying?

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