About a year into my business I’d hit a definite plateau and it was like nothing I did made a difference. So I decided that instead of having all these ideas of what I COULD do flying around my head, I’d write it all down.

All my ideas,

All the advice I’d been given by coaches I’d worked with,

All the strategies I’d got from courses and webinars and PDFs,

All the words you’re “supposed” to use in your copy to get guaranteed results (and the ones you can’t use.)

I wrote it all down and it took the best part of an hour.

I was tired at the end of it, drained of all the information in my head.

Then I took a step back to read it all and after a while it hit me.

It was all completely different.

Some of it was conflicting information. Well, more than some.

There was almost no consistency to any of it, except for one thing…

It all worked.

As individual pieces, all of that information worked to a certain extent and it had all worked for someone. The people I had learnt all of it from – they all got results doing what they do and they’re teaching other people what they know works.

I’ve got nothing against that, I do it too. If I know something works then of course I’m going to tell my clients so that they can get results too.

But here’s the other thing – not all of it will work for everyone.

And that’s also the best part, you can pick and choose what you like to do, what feels in alignment for you and what works for you.

Whatever you decide to do, consistency and persistence is what really works.

Showing up every day, putting the time and the effort in, giving it your best, your all – that is what gets results.

We all know that overnight successes are anything but, so why are you still expecting it to happen for you?

It’s time to stop wondering what to do, pick one thing and go for it.

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