If I gave you $14,000 to work for a couple of days and then showed you how to promote your work from those few days off and on over the next year, would you want it?

Because that's EXACTLY what I am offering to the 10 women who join Passive Breakthrough.

You invest in yourself once, spend an intense couple of days with hardcore focus, and then you will have two passive income products ready to rock and roll in 2018.

We knock out the creation of your products in TWO days and then you have 4 weeks of ongoing support in the Facebook group, as you start selling your product, to address any adjustments you need made.

And since I know that it isn't as simple as make a product and sell it, I am bringing in Magnetic Branding Strategist Beth Griffith to help you create your step-by-step strategy to SELL that product, so it doesn't become another fruitless piece for your theoretical portfolio.

We all know that the wealthy have multiple streams of income and this is one of the ways that you create one without taking away from your already limited hours and emotional energy.

This programme isn't for everyone - it is only for those whose businesses are ready to add an additional stream of income, those who have begun growing an audience and are seeing sales.

What would you do if you made an extra $14,000 by this time next year without having to HUSTLE for it?

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