Do you ever feel like you're having success in your business but you really have to work for it and you're not sure how much more you have to give?

I felt like that for a long time in my business. I'd spent all my time getting the back end stuff ready in my business, thinking that once it was done it would only be a matter of time until I got clients.

And it was only matter of time BUT I had to actively look for clients. I had to actively find people I knew needed my help but weren't aware of me yet.


I would spend about 10 hours on Facebook every single day. I couldn't go more than about 15 minutes without checking my notifications because I was so desperate to get clients and make sales.

I would post 4 times a day in 8 different Facebook groups (all individual posts!) I would search for keywords in Facebook groups and respond to people's posts who were having issues I could help with. I was giving so much free value that I really was giving it all away and I was putting offers out at least 3 times a week... but nothing.

I drove myself crazy wondering what I was doing wrong. Why was it so hard?!

It wasn't until I took a step back and looked at all the women who I admired and what they were doing in their business that I realised something.

They all had a growing and engaged Facebook group.

And on top of that, their group was pretty much the only place they posted on Facebook.

So I stopped posting so much. I drastically reduced my time online from 10 hours a day to about 2 and I stopped giving so much away for free. But the biggest change I made was starting my own Facebook group. 

A year ago I decided that starting my own Facebook group sounded like a good idea. It meant that I'd have somewhere where I could build relationships with potential clients, I could show my expertise and my knowledge and I'd be able to pitch without worrying about breaking the rules.

I've just reached 1,000 members in my group and over half of them have joined in the last couple of months. And truthfully, over 80% of my sales currently come from my Facebook community because this is what happens THERE:
- I've built relationships with so many of the members.
- I show up there every day and my Facebook group is known as a place to find amazing value and community.

Once your Facebook group is set up and growing consistently, building relationships and converting leads to paying clients who want your passive income offers becomes effortless. That leaves you with more time to do the things you actually want to do, like spend time with your friends and family, travel or even go to the cinema on a Tuesday afternoon because you can.

I created From Crickets to Clients because I saw so many of my clients struggling, giving up on their groups and wasting the online goldmine a group can be, all because they didn't have a plan to follow to start getting results from their groups.

I know you don't want yet another course that's supposed to be full of "the how" but leaves you with more questions than answers and I know you don't want to waste what little time you have. That's why this course is bite size video modules with accompanying PDF workbooks to help you quickly and easily grow your Facebook group into a space that not only attracts new members but also converts them to paying clients.

Once you enrol you'll get access to all of the modules at once, so you can work through them at your own pace or Netflix style binge watch it all in 2 hours. 

Get instant access here now and start reaching new income levels, without hustling for every penny!