Being consistent is easy 

Until it gets hard 

Until you stop seeing results 

Until you stop making money 

But unless you’re consistent, you’re facing an uphill battle to get clients, to make the money, to live the kind of life you always wanted. 

You’re only making it harder for yourself to see those results, to get the visibility and to position yourself as an expert if you’re not consistent.  

So how do you be consistent? Being consistently consistent is a challenge in itself right? 

It doesn’t have to be. 

In order to be consistent you need 3 things: 

1 – A list of all the tasks you MUST complete every day/week/month. Tasks that are essential to your business and that will either directly or indirectly make you money. 

2 – A schedule that incorporates all these tasks and that is realistic. If you can only work on your business for 2 hours a day when you get home from your job, don’t schedule in 4 hours’ worth of tasks. It’s better to schedule in less and then achieve more than the other way around. 

3 – Flexibility. Things don’t always go to plan so accept that sometimes you’re going to have to cancel that trip to the movies with your friend or say no to after work drinks for that guy in accounts birthday (you don’t even know his name) or, if you’re like me, you’ll send your husband to his mother’s birthday party with a bunch of flowers and an apology (something about a bad migraine, don’t like her anyway) so that you can get all your work done.  

There is an art to being consistent but it’s also a routine, a habit that you develop and, ultimately, you have to make time to be consistent with your business. If you want it badly enough, you’ll find a way. What means more to you – catching game of thrones so you can talk about it in the office tomorrow or never having to go back to the office again and working from a fancy hotel overlooking the beach in Hawaii?