How many courses have you bought? 

How many coaches have you invested it? 

How much of that have you made back? 

If you're still looking for the secret to making money then you've missed the point of all the things you've already invested in.  

Yes, there are some courses that definitely weren't worth the price you paid (I've bought a couple of those myself) but on the whole, you've already received so much information about running your business and being successful. 

Have you implemented everything you've learnt so far? Have you taken the time to put everything you can into practice in your business? 

Don't buy another course or training or guide or whatever until you've used what you already have! 

Stop learning and start earning. 

The secret to making money? Go out and make connections, get visible and ask for the sale.  

Everything you've paid for so far fits into that formula somewhere.