Struggling to make sales in your business?  

You started your business for more freedom, so that you weren't chained to a desk every day and so that you could live your life the way you wanted to. Only now you've reached the point where you're struggling to make sales and you're doubting if you can actually make this business work. 

One thing I do to increase my chances of making sales is to post a sales pitch every day in some form or other. Whether that's a post in my Facebook group or other Facebook groups I'm regularly active in, an email to my list, posting on Instagram, posting the pitch on my blog, doing a livestream on my Facebook page and pitching at the end, there's always something you can do every day to sell. 

Will you make a sale every day? Maybe not but you won't know until you try. 

This past Thursday I hosted a FREE LIVE mini masterclass in The Passive Income Society Facebook group where I'll be covering: 

-How to create the service/product your ideal client wants to buy, 
-Where to promote your offers (most are free), 
-How to book more discovery calls, 

To catch the replay of the FREE Sales Mini Masterclass click that link or check out the video section of The Passive Income Society Facebook Group!