When I first started my business and I was told to share my story to connect with people!..... 

I felt like I had nothing to share. Yes I have a story but it's not like it's full of twists and turns and overcoming huge obstacles etc. 

Put it this way, I felt like if it was a book, it would never be a best seller. 

But that doesn't mean that I shouldn͛t share it. Everyone has their ups and downs and everyone has their own struggles. What about all the other people who don't have those life altering events in their past? Don't they deserve someone they can relate to? 

Whatever your story is, you're doing yourself and your clients a disservice if you don't share it. Sharing it allows your potential clients to connect with you because they know that you've been through whatever it is they're going through.  

It automatically helps to build your know, like and trust factor because it shows that you know what they're going through, so they'll like you that bit more and trust you a bit more too because you've done what they wanted you to do. 

So if you're struggling to create content, talk about yourself, you know that subject better than anyone else.