I hurt my back quite badly this week and I ended up spending two days literally lying face down on the living room floor because that was the only way I could get comfortable. I couldn’t do any work because I couldn’t prop myself up to use my laptop, I couldn’t watch tv because I couldn’t raise my head enough and it was a real struggle to even eat because I couldn’t sit up at all.  

BUT it’s been one of the best weeks I’ve had for ages. My husband had a day off so we had a day "camped out" on the floor watching movies. I had a nap while my husband and 3.5 year old watched the new star wars. She loves it! I can’t stand them       

I spent another day playing my first monopoly with my daughter and napping once my mother in law had finished work and picked my daughter up for the afternoon. I did zero chores all week and cooked even less meals! I even managed to read a book as all the napping meant I had recovered enough to lie on the floor on my side by Wednesday. I used to read a book a week but I’ve managed to read about 2 books in the last 3 years. 

This week made me realise that in my quest to build a successful business that helps other women live their freedom lifestyle, I'd forgotten about myself. I’ve been reminded more than once this week about putting self care first, asking for help when I need it and enjoying the journey, not just the destination.  

I love running my own business from home but my journey so far has really been summed up in a crazy dream I had this week. Long story short my friend loved in a big old building and you could only get in my climbing through the window. I’d done it a few times in my dream and then realised my back hurt so I couldn’t climb and I knew I needed to find another way. So I searched around outside the building and I found a huge door that was hidden behind stack of boxes. I woke up feeling like something had to change. 

There had to be an easier way, I just needed to find that hidden door. So whatever it is in your business that’s stressing you out and seems overcomplicated, there’s always an easier way, take the time to look for it.