I had a conversation with someone the other day about their business and why it wasn’t working and I swear to god, once we’d finished I felt like it was my business that was struggling!!  

Some people are just so negative and they drag everyone down. If you’re one of them, THAT is why your business isn’t working.  

- You don’t, but probably can’t, celebrate the little things, 
- You keep lowering your prices instead of standing firm, 
- Every time someone says no to working with you, you see it as a problem with you rather than them not being a good fit or not seeing the value in what you’re providing, 
- The problem, to you, is that people where you live or the people you attract are too cheap to want to pay for your services. If that’s the case then you’re not showing them the value of what you’re providing. You’re not telling them why they need what you’re providing and why the price you’re charging is value for money for them. 

And sometimes, the problem is that you’re just not cut out to run your own business. And that’s totally fine. But if you are an entrepreneur, if you WANT to be successful, if you’re going to put in the work and look for solutions rather than excuses, you’ll get there. 

Whatever it is, you have to find the positive, you have to look for the little things and celebrate every win, big or small. Being negative all the time affects the energy that you put out, it seeps into your posts and your livestreams, it comes across in your copy and your potential clients can and do pick up on it. Yeah, that sounds like a bunch of crap but it’s true. 

Try being positive and see what kind of difference it makes.

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