When it comes to creating content for social media it usually means one of two things for you:

You love it, you know exactly what to say, you never run out of ideas and you love the engagement you get whenever you post.


You never know what to say, it all gets a little overwhelming, when you do post you get nothing back and you're straying to wonder why you bother.

Only, you know that in order to have clients and make sales, you have to be visible, be seen and build relationships.

So with that in mind I want to know, what are you struggling with when it comes to creating content and being visible on social media?

Is it:
- not knowing what to say,
- not getting engagement when you do post,
- not knowing where and when to post,
- struggling to find where your ideal client is on social media,
- feeling like you don't have anything important to say,
- feeling like what you have to say has already been said,
- feeling like you're not the best writer,
- not knowing how to use the various different social media platforms to get the most out of them for your business,
- feeling SPAMMY or salesy when you promote yourself,

Or something else entirely?

Let me know what it is for you in the comments.

Every single woman in this group has a message to share and an impact to make. If you were sharing your message, working with the people who need what you have to offer the most and making the positive impact in the world you know you're meant for, how different would your life, not to mention the world, be?

I want to help you achieve that full potential because something as easily manageable as social media shouldn't be the thing getting in your way. Let me know what you need right now in the comments.