Growing your email list is easy:

1 – Find out what your ideal client is struggling with,

2 – Create something that solves a part of that problem and will get them results/clarity straight away,

3 – Offer it to them for free in exchange for giving you their email address

And that’s it.

In order to grow your email list you just need to offer something that your ideal client will want to sign up for and once they’re on your list then it’s a case of continuing to send them great content to build your know, like and trust factor with them, then when you send the occasional pitch, you’ll hopefully have warmed them up enough to buy from you or book a call with you etc.

If you have an online service based business, like a coach, a VA, a social media manager, graphic designer etc., I’ve put together a library full of resources to help you grow your email list, create that perfect freebie, create sales funnels to sell a passive income product or book discovery calls passively and more.

Boss Babes Making Bank is available to you 24/7 with resources to help you:

- Create a solid business foundation to grow your successful business from,
- Start marketing your business with guides, tips and tricks so you can start attracting your ideal client to you,
- Make the sale with resources on creating successful discovery calls, growing your audience, how to create packages they want to buy,
- Use social media to your advantage to get in front of your ideal client, to grow your online following and to have a platform to make those all-important sales.

There’s also tech help resources to help you with the little things that make the big differences to your business, swipe files so you can see what a successful email funnel or posting series actually looks like plus guest expert masterclasses on a range of topics to help drive your business forward.

Each month there’ll be a group coaching call with me and you’ll have access to a private Facebook group where you’ll be able to ask me questions at any time. New resources will be added each month and you’ll be able to let me know exactly what you’re struggling with so I can help you where you need it most.

The investment? It’s only $10 for the first month and $25 a month after that.

Sign up for your $10 month here

There’s no minimum term so you can cancel at any time if you decide it’s not for you.