What if you could plan your content out for June, July and August in about 10 minutes? If you're like me and you have kids, that means you could effectively come up with a topic for all of the summer break and not have to worry about what to post online until the kids go back to school in September.

How awesome would that be?

Not having to worry about what to write again until September when you'll have the time to yourself again, or more of it at least.

When you have your content planned out it makes things so much easier because then you can write a Facebook post on it, use the same topic and:

- do a livestream on it,
- post an image to Instagram with the post as the caption,
- write a longer version and post it up on your blog,
- pin the blog image onto your Pinterest account and drive traffic to back to your website,
- Tweet the link to your blog or the image from your post or the livestream,
- Create a freebie around it and email it out to your list.

There's so much you can do with one piece of content. So what will you do with 90?

I've put together a fill in the blanks workbook for you to print off and fill in to create 90 posts. So you can cross content creation off your list for the next 3 months. Plus, you can reuse the workbook as many times as you need to create even more content.

Leave me a comment with your favourite emoji and I'll send you the link to get your free copy.

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