If you’re struggling with creating content, look back at the posts you’ve already written and re-use or repurpose that first. 

Take a look at your posts and see if there’s anything you can refresh. Is a tip you gave outdated now and something else works better instead? 

Can you talk about the same topic from a different perspective? If you were talking about things you should do, can you talk about things you shouldn’t do instead? 

And don’t forget that you can take a Facebook post and repurpose it: 

- Talk about the same topic in a livestream
- Share the livestream on Twitter or upload it to YouTube and share that link on Facebook or upload the video to Pinterest
- Write a longer blog post on the same topic and then share the link on your Facebook page or in Facebook Groups, upload the blog image to Pinterest and link back to your blog to drive traffic to your website
- Share the post image on Instagram and a cliff notes version of the post in the caption 

Creating content doesn’t have to be difficult and remember that you have a niche for a reason, eventually you’re going to be talking about the same thing again, just in a different way or from a different perspective.

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