What can you do when you feel like giving up?

You know you love what you do, if only you actually had clients to work with. You know that you could be as successful as you want to be, if not more so, only you can’t seem to get started.

You haven’t had any clients yet, you haven’t made any sales yet and your email list and fb group are looking a bit empty.

So you’re thinking about calling it quits. You’ve tried, you’ve put in the time, you’ve made the effort but nothing has paid off.

Now what?

Do you give in and give up? Or do you give it another go?

I’ve been there. I’ve considered giving up so many times over the last year but every time I don’t, it makes my resolve to keep going stronger.

There’s 5 questions I always ask myself when I’m considering giving up:

1- Am I still enjoying what I’m doing?
2- Why am I feeling that way right now about what I’m doing?
3- What’s not gone right so far?
4- What has gone right so far?
5- If everything was going the way I wanted it to, would I still want to be doing this the same time next year?

If you’re not enjoying what you’re doing right now, it’s unlikely to be the actual work, it’s more likely to be something not going well or working properly that’s making you feel bad about everything else. Remembering what’s gone well will help put you back into a positive mindset and if you feel like you’d still be doing this in a year if you were getting the clients, making the money and living the lifestyle you wanted, don’t give up.

You can solve any problem as long as you’re looking for a solution and not more problems.