You know who they are but you don’t know where they are. You know you need to get yourself and your content in front of them so that they can get to know, like and trust you and then eventually become clients. But you just don’t know where the best place would be.

If your ideal client avatar (ICA) is detailed enough then you’ll know things like whether your ICA likes to go to the cinema on a Saturday night or whether they’ll be at home with a good book. You’ll know what kind of magazines they read, what kind of stores they shop in, whether they love to travel or of they like to stay in one place etc.

Use all this to help you narrow down where to advertise. For example a previous client of mine was targeting people who still worked a 9-5, who worked in a very specific industry. She offers resume writing services but wasn’t sure where to advertise. So we talked about it and decided that a good way to advertise would be to put posters up on notice boards in the local coffee shops around where these people work. There’s a good chance that they’ll be going into the coffee shops either in the morning on their way to work or at lunch time for a pick me up, so putting the posters up there means they've got a good chance of seeing them. By putting a unique code on each poster, she can also tell which posters are in the right places and which ones aren’t doing much good.

So if you know your ideal client is a woman in her early thirties, no kids, like to travel and pamper herself, consider advertising in spas, nail salons, hair salons and in coffee shops close to them or close to travel agents. If you’re advertising online then target people who have liked specific pages like lonely planet or spas in your local area.

It’s all about using what you have to build up a picture of your ICA. When you really know who they are, it’s easy to imagine a life for them and then you advertise wherever you think they might be, in places that make sense for you to advertise.

And remember, you can always change where you advertise, you don’t need to stick with something that isn’t working.

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