ne thing I've seen so much of lately is people declaring that Facebook groups are dead, that they're all just full of spammy posts, the engagement has gone and that everyone is moving away to something else.

And right when you were thinking of starting or growing your own Facebook group right?

Makes you feel like you're behind the curve doesn't it?

So all those people who are closing their Facebook groups, great! It'll leave the groups where the admins have the time and the desire to actually manage their group.


It's all down to the admin.

The admin is the one who approves the members.

The admin is the one who sets the tone and an example.

The admin is the one who is there to set and enforce the rules.

And that's the key – when you spent the time in your group, when you set clear rules and when you enforce those rules, that's when your Facebook group will provide for you. That's when you'll see a financial return on the time investment you put in.

Asking questions to engage your members, sharing value, sharing your story, al l these things go towards creating a group where your ideal clients want to be.

So if you're feeling like you've only just got the hang of this whole Facebook group thing and now everyone is moving away from them, don't worry about it.

It's reached that point where groups are naturally separating the wheat from the chaff - so to speak. Everyone is fed up of groups being full of people just posting their offers and not actually taking the time to foster relationships and engage. So if your group isn't like that, if your group is a resource to your members (as it should be) you"ll have no problem seeing a return on your investment.

Cass xoxo


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