So we all know that the point of a freebie is to get people on your email list so you can turn them into a client.

You wouldn't say "give me your email address" and expect people to flood your list for no return but a bad freebie is doing exactly that. These days everyone has a freebie to offer so how do you make your stand out to get people to sign up for it?

- It needs to be useful,
- It needs to be relevant,
- It needs to be linked to something you offer,
- It needs to look good

Think about your ideal client, what do they need? What problem do they have and how can you solve the problem? Put something together that gives your ideal client a taste of how you'll solve their problem. You want your freebie to give them a feel for how you work and what it would be like to work with you.

If you're a health coach who specialises in weight loss after pregnancy then you could put together 5 exercises that mama can do in 10 minutes during nap time or 5 exercises that use baby as extra weight to make the exercises harder and for mama and baby to bond.

That way your freebie is useful as it's something your ideal client is likely to try out at least once. It's relevant as it helps your ideal client start to solve their problem (the baby weight) and it links to your services as you're likely to offer some sort of exercise plan in your weight loss package.

It's then up to you to make it look good. Use professional pictures or stock photos if possible. Use fonts consistently, make sure the font isn't too big or small etc.

What freebie could you create that's useful, relevant, linked to your offer and looks good?