Is mommy guilt holding you back in your business? 

We all suffer from it from time to time but don't let it stop you. You need to focus on your business in order to get the best results but if all you can think about is whether you've done the right thing with your child, it's not going to do you any favours. 

If you're feeling guilty about putting your kids into childcare, remember that they're building social skills, gaining independence and it's preparing them for school when they'll have no choice but to be without you. 

If you're feeling guilty about working at home while your kids are there then remember that you could have a 9-5 office job and never get to see your kids during the day. At least you ARE there now and they won't remember that you were always working, they'll remember that you were always around when they needed you. 

And if you're feeling bad the amount of screen time your kids get, remember that it's not forever. Soon you'll be able to hire a VA to do some tasks for you and then you'll get to spend more time with your kids. Either that or find a different way to entertain them while you work. Now the weather is good can you work in the garden while your children play? Or can you set up a little desk or table next to you where they can "work" while you work? 

Don't feel guilty for working from home, the alternative is working from somewhere that you can't have your kids with you.