January was my best month in sales and cash for about 6 months and in February I beat that in the first week. We’re half way through the year and the last few months have been the best in my business ever. I’m not telling you to show off, I’m telling you because at new year I was giving myself till the end of March and if I didn’t reach my goals... I was giving up on my business. 

I was at the end of my tether. I had no idea what to do anymore to drive my business forward. I was doing all the things I’d been told to by my coaches and accountability partners and every freebie I could download but still nothing was happening. 

And then at the beginning of January I grew my email list by 130% in one weekend without spending a penny on advertising. I did it again in March and again last week. 

I’ve consistently grown my Facebook group every month organically and had engagement every single day since I got to 80 members. 

Growing your audience isn’t difficult. It isn’t time consuming and it isn’t expensive, even if you have zero tech skills. 

I changed my mindset and that for me was huge but I know that for some of you your mindset is already on point and nothing is happening for you. It’s the know how that’s letting you down, you just don’t know how to get to where you want to be. 

I'm opening up 3 spots for a one off 45 minute call with me. 

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