Which do you build first, your email list or your Facebook group? 

If you know that you can’t focus on both at the same time, then pick one and 100% focus on it. It doesn’t matter which one as if you grow your group first then you’ll have people to launch your opt in to who are likely to download it, plus you’ve got a group of people who are your ideal clients and you can ask them what the topic of your freebie should be. Then you can get the people from your group to your list. 

Or you can grow your list by asking in other groups what your ideal client is struggling with then once you’ve grown your list, you can launch your group to them and get them to sign up by sharing the link to your group in the email.  

So whichever way you choose, make sure you focus on it consistently for at least a couple of weeks to start off with and then you can add the other in if you want to.


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