Facebook groups are NOT dead – the only groups that are doing badly are the ones where the admin either doesn’t know what to do to make it a growing engaged group, or they’re not willing to put the effort in to make it that way.

When I started my business almost 2 years ago Facebook groups were the big thing to skyrocket your business to 6 figures!....... so naturally everyone either had one or was recommending you should have one.

Now don’t get me wrong, I LOVE Facebook groups. When they’re done right they really are a community where your ideal clients can easily get to know you, like you and trust you enough to become paying clients.

But the main point of a Facebook group shouldn’t be only to convert members to clients and that’s where too many people go wrong. When you focus only on getting the members on your list or pitching to them, your group becomes a spam fest and pretty quickly you’ll see the people you worked so hard to get into your group leaving.

There’s a right way and a wrong way to build a Facebook group that your ideal client wants to be in, that they get immense value from (so they don’t want to leave and they recommend it to others!) and at the same time is a huge resource for you to not only find clients but also to use for market research and to shape the services you do offer to fit what your clients want.

I've put together a self-study course all about creating a Facebook group that grows your reputation and your bank account without needing to put more than an hour a day into it and also without needing to use paid advertising to grow your group quickly.

It’s not about the quantity of people in your group, it’s about the quality of them and I should know; I made my first $1,500 with less than 90 people in my Facebook group and less than 11 people on my email list.

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Having an engaged and growing Facebook group not only helps you to nurture relationships with potential clients, but it also acts as a place to help you passively convert those potential clients to paying ones. Not to mention having an engaged audience means you always have people to launch to - no more crickets!

The course only takes a couple of hours to complete, so you can start getting results today; think where you and your group could be this time next week.

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