Do you want work/life balance?

I do.

I want to work from home, look after my daughter before she goes to school in September, go away for impromptu weekends with my husband, holidays for my birthday and still make money.

Balance isn't a dirty word.

But do you know what is?


Having a work life balance isn't an excuse to not do your work today.

Having a work life balance isn't an excuse to spend hours in front of the TV each day and then complain you didn’t have enough time to work.

Having a work life balance is exactly that, a balance. There's 24 hours in every day and I personally like to sleep for 7.5 of them. So that means I have 16.5 hours to get my work life balance in. That means 8.25 hours of working and 8.25 hours of living my life.

And you know what a lot of people find so strange about that?

That's the same amount of hours you'd work in a 9-5 job every day!

So if you want to run your own business, you've got to put in the hours. Do they have to be the same hours you would in a job?

Do I spend 8.25 hours working every day?

No, some days I'll do 12 hours or more and some days I'll do about 4 or 5. That's balance.

Balance isn't posting on Facebook a couple of times one day and then making a one page pdf the next. It's also not going to every social occasion you're invited to. I decide to go to the ones I really want to, because I now know how valuable my time is. I'm not going to go to the one with the people I don't really know, where I'll be forced to make small talk for hours, just because I COULD go. If anything I see less of my friends these days, mainly because I have less friends now that I know who I am and value myself. But that's another story for another time!

What does work life balance look like to you? Are you using it as an excuse to not get work done or are you making the most of it?

In a few weeks I’ll be moving across the country (again) before my daughter starts school in September, as my husband’s business has taken him back to where we used to live. I’m so excited to finally go back to my own house after so long away.

Last week was my brother in law’s birthday and while we don’t always see eye to eye, he’s the only one from my husband’s side of the family that actually understands my business. He asked me if moving was going to affect working with my clients and whether they’d travel to see me.

I thought it was sweet how concerned he was, but at the same time it felt so awesome to be able to say that my business was location independent. It literally doesn’t matter where I am in the world, I can run my business from anywhere. I used to think this meant that I was only living the laptop lifestyle if I was also travelling, but actually it means whatever I want it to mean.

So for me it means I can work from my phone when I’m at the park. It means I can work in the garden with my laptop while my daughter plays. It also means that when she goes to school I can work from wherever I want to each day, whether that’s my house, a café or one of the local stately homes in the area.

But this is only really possible for me because of my Facebook group and because of the time I’ve spent over the last 18+ months creating a space online where my ideal client can hang out, build relationships and learn things that will drive their business forward.

Growing my group has been easy for me and my group is one of my favourite things about my business, but I know it’s not the same for everyone. I know that it can be a struggle to grow a good Facebook group and there is so much bad information out there about effective ways to grow your Facebook group (like just add everyone on your friends list without their permission….) That’s why I've put together a self-study course all about creating a Facebook group that grows your know, like and trust factor, as well as your bank account.

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Having an engaged and growing Facebook group not only helps you to nurture relationships with potential clients, but it also acts as a place to help you passively convert those potential clients to paying ones. Not to mention having an engaged audience means you always have people to launch to - no more crickets!

The course only takes a couple of hours to complete so you can start getting results today; think where you and your group could be this time next week.

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