You’ve got all these great ideas for services and programmes and challenges and webinars etc that you know would help your ideal clients, only you don’t seem to be making any sales.

You know that if only you could attract the right people, you’d be making such a big impact not only to your client but to your life and your bank account too.

So how do you attract the right audience and should you start a Facebook group or just focus on your email list? Or both?!

One way to grow both your list and your group is to hold a challenge – you can email your list each day with the prompt and host a livestream in your group or tell participants to post their results for each day in the group.

Another way to grow both your list and your group at the same time is to promote the freebie you have for people to join your list and then on your thank you page direct them to join your Facebook group.

If you’re struggling to grow your audience, if you know that you have a message that needs to be heard only you’re not getting in front of the right people, I’ve put together The Next 100 to help you grow your Facebook group and your email list so that every time you launch something you have an audience full of the right people ready to buy with strategies that are easy to implement and have repeatable results. Find out more here