I love passive income and I talk about it a lot. I love that awesome feeling when I get a PayPal notification and I'm not even actively working on my business!

Passive income has made a huge impact on my business - it's given me the freedom that I desperately wanted when I started my own business. I didn't want to be chained to my laptop at home, I wanted to be able to leave the house and do things!! And I know it's the same for you.

You want to set up passive income in your business because you know that making money while you're doing other things is awesome.

You want to set up passive income in your business because you also want to take advantage of the freedom your business can give you.

You want to set up passive income in your business because, well, people. (You know what I'm saying.)

Only there's one slight problem:

😕 you have no idea what to offer, how to put it all together or how to actually get people to buy it if it's all supposed to be done passively????

Thankfully I've been there, I've had the exact same thoughts and I've found plenty of ways to make it work (most are free to use too!)

So whether you're a:

✔mindset coach,
✅health coach, 
✔sales coach,
✅business coach, 
✔virtual assistant, 
✅personal trainer, 
✔graphic designer, 
✅social media manager

or any other kind of online service based business, I can help you decide what to offer as passive income, work with you to set it all up and give you my strategies to promote it in front of the perfect audience, all without spending a penny on ads.

When it comes to ideas for passive income, I love coming up with things you can offer that fit with your business. One of my favourite ideas was for a food truck - they could offer recipe kits and sell them online.

I'm opening up 4 spots in my calendar to help you get passive income set up in your business ASAP. If you know that you've already spent too much time trying to work it out by yourself and you're done with feeling like there must be something you're missing since everyone else is already doing it 😯 then comment below for more details.

These 4 spots are going to go today so get yours now and you could have passive income set up in your business by the end of this weekend.

And the best bit?

I'm not showing you how to do a one time thing - once you've got one passive income stream set up, you'll be able to repeat the process as many times as you like - awesome right?

Comment below for more info.