As entrepreneurs we’re really good at overcomplicating things. Even the simplest of things we can turn into a 45 step plan that takes about 65 years to complete, when really it’s like 5 steps and takes about an hour.

I’m guilty of doing it and so are the awesome women in my inner circle of biz besties. My accountability partner wants to run a retreat in Costa Rica, only she’d made it so complicated and the more she thought about it, the more she added in, until soon she’d decided that it was just too much hassle to do.

But, realistically, to run a retreat you need to:

-              Find somewhere to hold it.

-              Decide when to hold it.

-              Decide what you’re going to do when you’re there.

-              Decide how much you want to charge for it.

-              Advertise it.

And that’s it. Yes, this is simplified, but sometimes you need to simplify things in order to see them for what they are and to get started. There are always going to be other tasks to do but if you see the simplified version as a high level plan with activities under each heading, then it’s not so difficult to do.

So, whatever your goal is, make sure you simplify it rather than make it more complicated. Then, start with the first step!