You want to spend more time with your family and friends, doing the things you love to do. You know you can help so many people and make a huge impact with the work you’re doing. You know that there has to be a better way to grow your business than those 5am mornings, those computer skills you wish you had and those 10 hour days you spend on your business right now.

You’re driven, you’re determined to get results and you know you can get the success you want in your business so you can live the life you’re dreaming of.

Let me tell you – firstly you're awesome for actually taking the leap to start your own business and secondly, your business isn’t supposed to be stressful!

I’ve been able to grow my Facebook group by hundreds in less than 90 days and in 1 weekend I grew my email list by 130% - With zero money spent on any ads and without waking up at 5am or working 10 hours day. Not to mention all while working from home with a 3 year old.

I know you don’t want your business to cause more overwhelm than it solves, but right now your online service based business isn't as awesome as it could be.  There’s a way for you to reach a wider audience and make a bigger difference that doesn’t involve being chained to your laptop for every spare minute of every day. You want:

-          To stop worrying you’re not spending your time on the right things,

-          To stop wondering why people aren’t joining your FB group or signing up for your freebies,

-          To stop feeling so overwhelmed by your business, that it just doesn’t feel like you’re doing what you love anymore,

-          To start feeling excited at the start of each day when you think about your business,

-          To start seeing your audience grow and to get engagement when you post on social media.

I spent so long stuck in my business, feeling overwhelmed, stressed out and wondering if I could actually do this but once I went back to the drawing board and started to treat my business like a game (because games are fun!) I found so many different strategies that got results time and again. I thought it was a fluke, but I shared them with my clients and my Facebook group and those same strategies worked for everyone else too. That’s when I knew that it really was possible to have fun in your business every day AND still make sales.

What was the big secret? Taking big goals and turning them into a step by step plan (without any fluff). That’s one thing I’m so good at – seeing what needs to be done, cutting through all the ‘nice to have’ things you don’t actually need and finding the quickest way from A to B. A being the overwhelmed and stressed out place with little to no results you’re at right now and helping you get to B, that business and success you look forward to every day.

You know that staying where you are right now isn’t helping anybody. You know that while 5 figure months seem awesome right now, there’s just no way you can get there if you keep doing what you’re doing. Things need to change and it has to happen quickly.

You’re fed up of people wondering (out loud) when you’re going to get a ‘real’ job and you’re tired of people telling you there’s no money to be made with an online business when you see other women doing it every single day.

I know for me I was frustrated with seeing no results each month but the final straw was when my husband told me that even though he believed in me, he couldn’t afford to keep giving me money every month knowing he wouldn’t get it back. Apart from feeling like a huge slap in the face, I felt so defeated. I was supposed to be helping people create a business that allowed them to use the skills, knowledge and experience they already had to help people on a global scale, not help my husband get into debt.

But I turned it around.

As an online visibility & content coach I know how important it is to be able to get your message out there so people know who you are and how you can help them but also, I know how powerful what you put out onto social media can be – especially when you don’t need to spend money on ads to get the results you want!

You’ve spent too long wondering what the right thing to do is, so you haven’t done anything and now it’s costing you. You’re losing time, losing money, losing sleep over the very thing that was supposed to help solve all your problems.

You want to spend more time with your family and friends, have the option to travel whenever you want to and be able to proudly tell everyone that it’s thanks to your business you can live the life you love.

You’re done with the overwhelm and you’re ready to make your business fun and stress free.

It’s time to get clear on what you want and put a plan in place to achieve it. It’s time to take consistent action every day and it’s time to get the customised support and accountability you need to drive your business forward and achieve the goals you set for yourself every month.

Imagine waking up every day and:

-          Looking forward to working in and on your business,

-          Feeling excited when you see all the client names in your calendar,

-          Checking your PayPal balance and knowing all your expenses are covered for the next few months already,

-          Seeing all the new sign ups to your email list, requests to join your Facebook group and new followers on Instagram,

-          Knowing that you love what you do every day and how many people around the world you’re helping.

But all of that only happens if you decide to go all in, if you decide that now is the time and you can’t wait any longer to finally get the results you want in your business. You have to move away from the side lines and start owning your potential and your expertise.

That’s why I’ve put together my most exciting and impactful 30 day 1:1 yet, just for you – the woman who is driven, who isn’t afraid to put herself out there and who is ready to stand up and step into her power, so that she can make a change and help others do the same.

With Content & Cash Flow, my 30 day 1:1, you bring your A game and I'll bring out the awesome that’s in your business just waiting to get out.  Here's what you need to do to get started:

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I’ve only got 3 spots open so if you’re ready to:

-          Grow your audience organically with zero ad spend,

-          Create packages and services that not only use what you’re good at but help your clients achieve amazing results,

-          Be seen as an authority and an influencer in your niche,

-          Put the fun back into your business every day,

-          Take your business to the next level and beyond,

And so much more, now is the time to start.

These 3 spots are only for women who are ready and willing to show up, be seen and make bank. There’s no room for excuses and there’s no space for women who sign up only to drop off the map and make yet another wasted investment.

Working with me 1:1 gives you access to all the skills, knowledge and experience I have and that I acquired after spending over $10,000 and countless hours in and on my business.

You’re ready to make a change, to start making an impact and to finally get the results that you’ve been promised so many times by so many different freebies and courses that never quite delivered.

Comment below or PM me on Facebook for more info on how you can get your spot. There are only 3 available so don’t wait. Plus I have an exciting bonus for the first woman to sign up to boost your business even further!